API (Application Programming Interface)

START-PROF API allows for side applications on C#, Basic and other programming languages to create, modify and analyze models using START-PROF and read the analysis results. It is used for creation of plug-ins for START-PROF software.

How could it be used?

For example, the Export to PCF, Import from PCF, Export to CII, Import from CII, Import from PDMS plugins was written using the START-PROF API.

Any company can create an own plugin for seamless integration of START-PROF software into company’s workflow. It is possible to write a plugin that will automatically invoke START-PROF stress analysis from 3D modeling software in background and transfer the analysis results back or generate the reports following the corporate templates.

Also it allows creating a plugin for data conversion between START-PROF and any other software. Our experience shows that C# or Basic programmer can create an average complexity converter for about 2-4 weeks.

Furthermore, the plugin for piping model optimization or running complex sequences of parametric model piping stress analysis can be created.

The full user's guide available upon request to support@passuite.com

Short description of this interface can be found here: