Volumetric Flaw

Volumetric Flaw can be added into pipe, bend, or tee node and allows to check stresses in volumetric flaws using GB/T 19624-2019 code (China). Analysis results are printed in Flaw Stress Table






Element name. If checked then it shown in 3D view

Flaw type

Half of axial length, A

Half of circumferential length, B

Measured depth with corrosion allowance, C

Measured wall thickness nearby flaw, T

Outer and Inner Flaw on Pipe

Defect on Bend

Defect on Tee

Tensile strength at operating temperature

Tensile strength at operating temperature for pipe material

Menu and Toolbar Access

To insert a ballasting weight, select the desired node and use the menu option: Insert > Flaw > Volumetric Flaw