User Interface

The piping structure model can be viewed in several windows:

To open and switch between windows, use: View > Input 3D View

Floating window:

Floating windows can be moved and docked anywhere along the edges. To do this, click on the window header and drag, after which the dock marker will appear. Pressing one of these markers docks the window to the corresponding edge.

To increase the working area, floating windows and bookmarks can be set to be automatically minimized by pressing the icon in the top right edge of the window. To display the window again, pass the mouse cursor over its bookmark.

To view floating windows, use: View->Floating windows

The following toolbars are used in START-PROF:

To view toolbars, use: View > Toolbars

To edit toolbars, menu and hotkeys, use: Service > Customize...

START-PROF interface and general settings can be edited in the general settings window.