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Cause and Solution



W697 - Iterations didn't converge (R>0)

W539 - Iterations didn't converge (D>0 and R<0)

Simultaneous iterations for friction and single-directional restraints didn't converge. Please follow the recommendations for error E828

W697 - (R>0) reaction in restricted direction. For example the up reaction direction in resting support

W539 - (D>0 and R<0) displacement in allowed direction, but reaction in the same direction

D - displacement along the allowed direction, R - reaction along the allowed direction






W541 - Solution integrity check failed (D<0)

W104 - Solution integrity check failed (D!=0)

W693 - Solution integrity check failed (|D/k-Z-R| < 0)

W694 - Solution integrity check failed (D>DD)

W696 - Displacement vector and friction force vector are not parallel

W542 - Solution is not obtained (problem x)

Deformation check failed. The solution lost accuracy. it is recommended to add more markers or change the distance between markers. Please follow the recommendations for error E828

W541 - (D<0) displacement in restricted direction of single-directional restraint

W104 - (D!=0) displacement in double-acting restraint is not zero

W693 - (|D/k-Z-R| < 0) spring deformation check failed

W694 - (D>DD)  displacement is greater than the gap value

W696 - Displacement vector and friction force vector are not parallel

W542 - (problem x) this project file must be sent to technical support

D - displacement along the allowed direction, R - reaction along the allowed direction, k - flexibility, Z - precompression force, DD - gap


Solution integrity check failed  (Fric!=Kfric*R)

Friction force not equal to friction factor multiplied by reaction force. It is recommended to send piping model file to developers


Reducer should be inserted in diameter change node

A reducer should be inserted in a node connecting two elements with different diameters



Restriction on force along axis/moment has been violated

Support load exceeds maximum allowable value input in  support properties


Allowable restraint subsidence considered

A special trick for increasing iteration converge for single-directional restraints is used - support subsidence by a small value. This message is for information only and need not be acted upon


Piping is lifted above the support

A single-directional restraint in a support has been disabled and is not considered in the analysis (does not take pipe weight).

This is only a warning and does not indicate any code restriction violation. This means that pipe moves in upward direction off of the support. If lifting happened in all operation modes, then it means that this support is not needed and can be removed. If lifting happened only in hot state, then pipe will lie back on the support in cold state. The potential problems may happen are: vibration caused by increased flexibility, big horizontal displacements caused by seismic inertial forces, wind, etc. Engineer should take decision based on his experience or on company rules.


Hanger rod rotation angle exceed allowable

The allowable values are specified in Project Settings. By default for Russian codes is 5 degrees, for Chinese codes 3 degrees for rigid rod hangers and 4 degrees for variable spring hangers (D-ZD2010 code). To avoid this rod length can be increased