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Warranty Terms

Standard warranty is 1 year. After this period, a new contract must be entered in order to continue the warranty, at a discount for regular users (see "Prices" on the official website

Any user can extend their warranty at a discount price before the end of the warranty period or during the grace period (3 months) after the end of the current contract.

After 3 months from the end of the warranty date, the discount can no longer be used. This means that new START-PROF versions must be purchased at a full price.

Contacting Technical Support

When contacting technical support:

Technical support can be contacted through:

License number and warranty expiration date can be found through  Help > About

Services Not Covered by the Warranty, Available for a Separate Fee (Prices are Negotiable)

1. Engineering consultation services:

2. START-PROF professional training

3. System administrator services:

4. Consultation on old versions of software

Services Covered by the Warranty