System Requirements. Installation. Dongles

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PASS/START-PROF® Hardware and Software Requirements

AMD64/Intel64/EM64T processor;

Windows 10;


Graphics card with OpenGL 2.0 or higher support:

Screen resolution:

START-PROF license USB dongle (included in installation kit).

In firewall protocol UDP, TCP the ports 9001, 6001, 6002 should be opened.

START-PROF should be added to white list of antivirus software and data leak prevention (DLP) software (Symantec DLP, Trustwave DLP, McAfee Total Protection, Check Point DLP etc.). If it is impossible, then stable work is not guaranteed.


START-PROF supports local and network licensing.

Local licensing based on USB dongle. A local USB dongle can be moved between computers (such as between desktops and laptops). Using of local license on virtual machine or remote desktop is prohibited.

Network licensing based on special network USB dongle. A network USB dongle is installed on a computer that is network accessible from the computer, or multiple computers, running START-PROF.

START-PROF periodically checking for the presence of a USB or network dongle while START-PROF is running, and if the dongle is absent automatically switching to demo mode.

Standard PC Installation

To install START-PROF on a PC platform:

When START-PROF is installed, "BASEOLD" folder is automatically created, where the old database is stored. If you have edited the database manually, you must repeat these edits in the new version of START-PROF. It is recommended to export any changes into individual files before installing a new version of START-PROF.

On the system drive the folders are created: Folders "C:\Program Files\Common Files\SafeNet Sentinel\Sentinel System Driver" and "C:\Program Files\Common Files\SafeNet Sentinel\Sentinel Protection Server" are also created, which contain USB drivers and USB device manager.

Installation Using Active Directory (AD)

Microsoft Windows Server 2003 and Microsoft Windows Server 2008 include various Active Directory services, including Group Policy. The Software Installation service offered by Group Policy allows to remotely install software simultaneously on several platforms.

3 installation options are available through Active Directory:

START-PROF can be installed using Assign to Computer.


To install START-PROF on several platforms, an administrative version of START-PROF must be installed. This can be done using ORCA MSI Editor. ORCA MSI Editor creates a setup.mst file using  START.msi / STARTPR.msi / STARTLT.msi, where all changes made by the administrator are stored. Recommended changes to  msi-file before creating the mst-file:






Folder name where START-PROF files will be installed. By default, Program Files\START



Folder name in Start menu. By default, START-PROF



Network protocol

  • -1 – not used

  • 0 – TCP\IP

  • 1 – IPX/SPX

  • 2 – NetBEUI

  • 3 – SAP

By default, -1



Server name or address where USB dongle is plugged in. By default, not set



Dongle serial number, to which the program must be connected. By default it is 0

Full software installation is run be default. Protocol and Hostname set USB properties in HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\PSRE LTD\STARTXX\XX.XX\Settings

"Install USB dongle" program sets Protocol and Hostname in HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\PSRE LTD\STARTXX\XX.XX\Settings. If Protocol and Hostname are set in both HKCU and HKLM, HKCU has priority. To properly display various scripts, ISScript.msi must be installed properly (

After installing the software, USB drivers must be installed to run the software on local platforms.

Network Dongle Setup

To work with a network dongle, additional settings must be adjusted:

Using Sentinel License Monitor

Sentinel License Monitor allows monitoring of START-PROF keys on local or network platforms using a Web-browser:

Before running Sentinel License Monitor:

To run Sentinel License Monitor:

  1. Open a web-browser on the client-computer

  2. Enter the server-computer's IP-address or name: http://IP-address:port

For example: or http://localhost:6002 if dongle is installed on local machine. The following page will appear:

To see which user is using dongle press "1" in Keys# column

Releasing a License

The administrator can release a license in use by a client. This can be used to give another user priority, or to free up a license that was not released properly.

To release a license:

  1. Run Password Generation Utility on the server (usually located in c:\program files\common files\safenet sentinel\sentinel protection server) to create the sntlpass.dat file.

  2. Reload Sentinel Protection Server

  3. Run Sentinel License Monitor. USB information will be displayed

  4. Select the key where you want to release licenses

  5. Select  Cancel for desired licenses. Up to 10 can be selected simultaneously.

  6. Press  Cancel License Session. Enter your password in the dialog that appears (see section 1)

  7. Press ОК

Working with USB Dongles

Troubleshooting when Working With a USB Dongle



Error -12


Local dongle is not connected to the USB port of machine or network dongle didn't configured properly

Error -110

New USB drivers should be installed on the server

Dongle not found

Error -3

If using the local dongle, ensure that the USB driver is installed correctly (Device Manager should not contain any “USB-TOKEN” devices marked with a “!”): Device Manager should show "SafeNet USB SuperPro/UltraPro" or "Sentinel SuperPro".

Run “USB update” on the platform where the USB dongle is plugged in and ensure that you are running the appropriate software version for this key.

When working with a network key, run “Network Key Setup” and ensure that the server address is correct.

In order to check all available Sentinel SuperPro USB dongles, run "Monitoring Tools".

If this program is not installed, install the USB dongle software using the installation file located near the START-PROF installation file.

When running a network key behind a firewall, ensure that ports UDP/6001 and UDP/6002 are available.

When using a local dongle, run “Network Key Setup” and ensure that the message indicates “local USB dongle” or shows a blank line.

If necessary, restart Sentinel Protection Server.

Dongle not found

Error -22

USB dongle activation is required. In order to activate the key, you must send in the registration form and USB request code (see "USB update"). Upon receiving an update code, you must enter it using USB update.

PC date does not match the USB data

Error - 20

Run “USB Update” and ensure that the last access date is correct. If the date is not correct, the Sentinel key must be updated and the computer time must be fixed.

If this occurs while using a Sentinel network key, time on all platforms in the network with access to the network key must be checked and corrected if necessary.  

Version does not match

Error - 21

The version of START-PROF that you are currently running does not match the USB dongle. You must update the USB dongle in order to update the list of supported versions, or install a different version of the software.

Error - 60


START-PROF can't reach the remote server with a Network Dongle. If you are using a local dongle, then open the Dongle Setup Utility and select Local USB Dongle.

If you are using the network dongle, then:

1. Try to install latest USB dongle drivers on PC where dongle is installed.

2. Make sure that USB dongle services are working correctly (Management - services). Try to reboot them

3. Check the port availability on server and client. For network dongle UDP protocol is used and port 6001. For web-interface license monitor used JAVA, TCP protocol and port 6002

4. Check the server IP address



START-PROF cannot find the USB dongle. Possible causes:

  • Sentinel drivers not installed on the computer using the USB dongle. USB dongle drivers must be installed from the START-PROF installation CD

  • Client PC's server address is incorrect

Run “Network USB Setup” on the client computer and indicate the correct server address, or leave the address field blank if the USB is being used on the client computer.

Try to install latest USB dongle drivers on PC where dongle is installed.

Error - 70


There are currently no available licenses. You should wait until another client frees up a license.

You can check the network key status (the number of available licenses) by running the Monitoring Tool  from Start > Rainbow Technologies.

The total number of purchased licenses and maximum number of licenses for the network key can be viewed by running “USB update”.

Also this error appear if you trying to work with a local dongle using the remote desktop. It will not work, since the network dongle is needed to this purpose.





These errors indicate problems with the network and with gaining access to the server.

Consult the network administrator to fix these issues.

START-PROF does not support issues with system and network access.


Error - 18

Driver version on the server or client platform is not supported.

Error - 100

Driver version on the server platform is not supported.

Error - 71


Specified server name, where local dongle installed. Not network dongle. Open "network dongle setup utility" and delete server IP address

Try to install latest USB dongle drivers on PC where dongle is installed.

Error - 16

While Network Dongle Setup please specify server IP address or name manually

Error - 4

Can't read the dongle. Problem with drivers, dongle corrupted or USB port is corrupted. Update sentinel drivers, try to use dongle on another machine, try to use dongle in another USB port

Error - 74


Error whle encrypting or decrypting of messages via UDP. Some software or hardware probably change the messages via UDP


USB data are corrupted.

The USB dongle must be returned to retailer for formatting or replacement.

Errors During USB Dongle Update



Multiple USB dongles are present

Only one USB dongle must be plugged in during an update.

Update code does not match USB dongle

The input update code is for another USB dongle.

USB dongle not found

USB dongle is not plugged in. USB update must be run on the platform where the USB is currently plugged in. USB update cannot be run on a network.


The latest USB dongle driver must be installed. Check that the drivers installed are for the correct operating system.


Check that the update code is input correctly. The latest USB dongle driver must be installed. Check that the drivers installed are for the correct operating system.

Other Issues

If a second copy of START-PROF is opened while another copy is already running, a "Driver not found" error occurs.

This can be solved by adding the current user in safety properties in the NTFS folder in Program Files (x86)\START-PROF, and setting permission for this user to read and edit this folder and all its sub-elements. This allows running two START-PROF copies simultaneously.