Thermoplastic/Fiberglass Tee

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Fiberglass and plastic piping T-shaped connection.





Element name. If checked then it shown in 3D view

Qualified Tee

If option is checked the mpst=1 otherwise following equation is used


Tee weight (with flanges) without insulation and product. Value set in standards is used, without taking into account the overload factor. Product and insulation weight with corresponding overload factors is calculated automatically based on adjoining pipes

Automatic weight calculation

If selected, tee weight is calculated automatically as total volume of two header and branch cylinders


Material from the materials database

Nominal header wall thickness, S

Nominal (actual) header wall thickness

Header length, L

Tee header length. Used for more accurate tee weight calculation  (see "weight")

Nominal branch wall thickness, Ss

Nominal (actual) branch wall thickness

Branch height, Hs

Branch height

Stress correlation along two axes, r

Based on ISO 14692 section 7.10

Qualified stress, qs

If this field is blank then qs is got from material database

Based on ISO 14692 section 7.8

Internal protective layer thickness

- internal (non-reinforced) protective layer thickness. More...

External protective layer thickness

- external (non-reinforced) protective layer thickness. More...

Toolbar Access

To insert an element, select the desired node and use the menu option: Insert > Tee > Tee

To view properties of an existing element: