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17 May 2021

PASS/START-PROF 4.85 R3 is released

PSRE Co announces launch of PASS/START-PROF 4.85 R3, a new version of smart pipe stress analysis software.

The software release contains important enhancements aimed to make its integration into IT infrastructure of an engineering company even more easy and smooth.

With PASS/START-PROF 4.85 R3, users can experience the following integration capabilities:

The new advanced PCF function enables the following features:

The integration features help to save labor costs when transferring data from 3D CAD to CAE systems. The automated import and export allows to avoid errors when transferring data between systems. As a result, enhanced integration helps to increase the efficiency of project activities and to save project costs.

Visit Knowledge Base to learn more about PASS/START-PROF 4.85 R3 capabilities!