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10 October 2020

Register for Plant Engineering Workshop 2020 (PEW20)

PASS team is pleased to announce participation in #PEW20 which will take place on October 19-23, 2020!

The Workshop is organized by InIPED and will take place via web-conferences. The objectives are to promote new developments in the Engineering, Procurement, Construction, Operation and Maintenance business.

Seminars will be pre-recorded. Workshops will be live and free. You will be able to send questions to the speakers during that week.

PASS team will highlight 2 topics on the seminars:

In addition, Dr. Alex Matveev will hold a workshop ‘Several practical topics of pipe analysis’.
Monday, October 19th, 12:00 CEST (duration is 2 hours).


Several typical topic of piping stress analysis to be reviewed with “how to do” demonstration using of PASS software:

  1. How to perform pipe stress analysis from water hammer loads
  2. How to consider nozzle and vessel flexibilities during pipe stress analysis and check stresses in nozzle-vessel junction point
  3. How to model equipment (storage tank, fired heater, pumps, compressors, turbines)
  4. How to model buried/underground piping. What are restrained and unrestrained pipes?
  5. Special situations: Modular Design, Tall Pipe Risers, Friction in cold state, how to avoid zero anchor loads from piping.

Watch recording of PASS workshops at PEW20

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