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Project Name: Crude Quality Control System for automatic determination of the oil mass with normalized accuracy, LLC RN-Komsomolsk Oil Refinery

Company Name: CJSC Research-Engineering Centre "Incomsystem"

Project Description

Region Khabarovsk Region, Komsomolsk-on-Amur, Russian Federation
Dates 2017
Scope Project scope included engineering and procurement of a Crude Quality Control System (CQCS), taking into account normalized pressure losses at given fluid flow rates in various operating modes.
Engineering stage included the required nominal sizes calculation for the unit pipelines.
Project Specific

Project required CQCS pipelines modelling with multiple operating modes.

Two parts of the system, filter battery and the oil quantity measuring system, were calculated and considered separately.

When calculating the filter battery, three modes of operation of this piping were simulated:

  • Measurement mode
  • Metrological characteristics control mode
  • Validation mode

When calculating the oil quantity measurement system, multiple scenarios were also simulated:

  • Metrological characteristics control mode
  • Operating mode
  • Validation mode
  • Oil Metering Reserve mode
  • Validation of the oil metering reserve mode
How PASS software helped in the project execution

PASS/HYDROSYSTEM was used for the branch diameters calculation in order to comply with the allowable pressure losses at the required flow rates of the transferred product.

PASS/HYDROSYSTEM helped to accurately assess all aspects of the piping system in various modes. The assesment results allowed to select the optimal pipeline diameters for all modes of operation.

The wide functionality of the software made it possible to accurately consider all the details and elements of the calculation model: flow meters, filters and other equipment, which caused a considerable influence on the operation of this piping system.

A convenient and user-friendly PASS/HYDROSYSTEM interface allowed switching easily between different operating modes and performing calculations for each of them. PASS/HYDROSYSTEM helped to significantly reduce time required for modelling, calculation, comparison and engineering interpretation of the results.

Results In 2017 CQCS unit was manufactured, delivered to the Customer and now is used in the normal operating mode.
Company Profile
  • Company name
    CJSC Research-Engineering Centre "Incomsystem"
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  • Field of activities
    Oil refining, petrochemical, oil, gas
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Closed Joint Stock Company Research-Engineering Center “Incomsystem” has been established in 1991 on the basis of “Neftepromavtomatika” Research- and- Production Association in Kazan, which was the lead institution of the USSR Ministry of equipment in the field of automation in the Oil, Petrochemical and Gas industry.

The company has long-term experience of Design, Production, Delivery, Precommissioning (Mounting, Starting-up) and Commissioning activities in the area of System Integration Solutions, Process Control Systems, Emergency Shutdown and Safety systems, Anti-crash Protection systems, Fire and Gas Detection systems, Fire extinguishing and Gas contamination monitoring systems, Power Supply systems, Remote Control systems, Dispatch control systems and Fiscal measurement systems (with Metrological Certification) for crude oil, oil products, natural gas, condensate gas, etc.