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User Story

Project Name: CO₂ Recovery Plant

Company Name: V & P Solution S.r.l.

Project Description

Region Tula, Russian Federation
Dates 2020
Scope The project scope included design of 13 different types of Pressure Vessels for a CO2 Recovery Plant - such as CO2 Reboiler, Scrubber, Dryer, NH3 Separator, etc.
Project Specific

Design according to GOST 34347 Ed. 2017 and calculation according to GOST 34233 Ed.2017. The above vessels were usually designed with EN 13445-3 code.

PASS software used PASS/EQUIP
How PASS software helped in the project execution

Through easy GUI (Graphic User Interface) of PASS/EQUIP software, it was possible to draw 3D models of the vessels. On the basis of these models, following required calculations according to GOST rules have been performed.

Finally, editable Calculation Report for each Vessel has been issued according to Project documents format.


Project technical documentation has been approved by Client and Inspectors with positive response.

Therefore PASS/Equip software was very helpful during the execution of this project, because its use speeds up the certification phases for Client since the translation into Russian language already included.

Company Profile
  • Company name
    V & P Solution S.r.l.
  • Website
  • Field of activities
    V & P Solution services are aimed at companies operating in the oil & gas, technical gas, chemical, pharmaceutical and food
  • Headcount

V&P Solution S.r.l. is a young and dynamic company, based in Leffe (BG), born in early 2017.

The operational structure is based on the ten-year experience of its founders who strongly believe in the development and constant growth of their company in the context of pressure equipment.

V&P Solution operates in the boiler and pressure systems sector following the customer from the design phase up to the construction phase of different types of equipment (heat exchangers, reactors, tanks, filters, columns, etc.).

The goal is to provide complete assistance both at a technical and regulatory level. To achieve this goal, V&P Solution, as well as its know-how, avails itself of the collaboration with trusted partners operating in various fields including structural engineering, electronics, automation, plant engineering, boilers and heavy carpentry.

In this way, the customer can get to have the turnkey product by addressing only one subject (precisely V&P Solution) thus avoiding wasting time and immediately having a precise idea of times and costs of implementation.