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Element data tree allows selection of elements with specific properties (pressure, temperature, wall thickness, etc.). For example, all elements with a diameter of 325mm can be selected.

A logical "AND" is applied for various properties of one group (for example, diameter of 219 and 273); while a logical "OR" is applied for various groups (for example, diameter and wall thickness). For example, when several diameters and a specific wall thickness are selected, only those elements with the input wall thickness and one of the input diameter will be displayed. If several diameters and several wall thicknesses are selected, elements having simultaneously one of the selected diameters and wall thicknesses will be displayed.

To select elements or fittings for further editing, click "highlight in model".

If the piping contains disconnected segments, they are displayed in independent groups.

To see distribution of pressure, temperature and other pipe or element properties, just click on the property in the project tree

Double click on the object type or right click - Property opens the dialog box that allows to change the properties of object type.




Select all

Select all tree elements


Deselect all tree elements


Close the dialog window, but hide selected elements in the model. To unhide the elements, press ESC or deselect the option in View > Project Tree

Highlight in model

Highlight selected element in the model for further editing and close dialog window

Menu Access

View > Project Tree