How to model Custom Restraint in START-PROF

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Example 1. Rigid Rod Hanger

Modeling a rigid rod hanger taking into account the pendulum effect is displayed below. The hanger is disabled with upward displacement.


Example 2. Fixed Anchor

All 3 linear displacements and 3 rotational angles are restrained.


Example 3. Guiding Support

Horizontal and vertical displacement perpendicular to the pipe axis is restrained. Longitudinal displacement is not restrained. Pipe friction against a side surface with a factor of 0.3 and horizontal surface with a factor of 0.1 is also considered (rollers).

Guiding support without rotation restraints with different side and horizontal surface friction factors:


Guiding support with rotation restraints with the same friction factors  (does not restrict torsion)


Example 4. Variable Spring Support with Friction


Example 5. Guiding Support with Gaps

Support is disable with upward displacement. Gap to the left is  10mm, to the right is 15mm. Friction factor against the horizontal surface is 0.3, and against the stop side surface - 0.4.

If the pipe does not touch side stops, it functions as a resting support (left image); when it touches the side stops, it functions as a guiding support (right image).


Example 5. Pipe Passing Through a Rectangular  "window"

Initial pipe position is 20mm and 30mm horizontally from "window" walls and 10mm and 15mm vertically.

Restraint functions as follows  (models shown below from left to right):