Piping Stress Analysis and Sizing Software

Widely Used Since 1965

Makes complex things simple

PASS/START-PROF® provides comprehensive pipe stress, flexibility, stability, and fatigue strength analysis with related sizing calculations according to international and national codes and standards.

START-PROF developers are experienced pipe stress engineers are involved in day-to-day software development since 1965. We are regularly performing software support and training. This allows to get feedback from our 3000 START-PROF companies customers everyday. Also START-PROF developers are modern pipe stress analysis code creators, that is widely used in several countries.

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Common Tasks

Piping Object Model
Static Analysis
Dynamic Analysis
Seismic Analysis
Seismic Wave Propagation Analysis
Underground Pipe Analysis
Buckling Analysis
Fitness for Service Analysis
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Pipe Wall Thickness Calculation
Bend Wall Thickness Analysis
Tee Wall Thickness Analysis
Reducer Wall Thickness Analysis
Piping Loop Analysis
Upheaval Buckling of Buried Long-radius Bend
Upheaval Buckling of Buried Pipeline
Vacuum Piping Local Buckling

Application Guide

Relief Valve Loads
Water Hammer Loads (Surge Analysis)
Slug Flow Loads
Thermoplastic Piping Stress Analysis
FRP, GRP, GRE Piping Stress Analysis
Vacuum Piping Analysis
Jacketed Piping Modeling
Equipment Alignment Check
How to Combine Codes in one Piping Model
Stanchion, Trunnion, Dummy Leg, Lug
3-way Valve, Angular Valve, Heavy Drive
Modelling Column Vessel and Reboiler
Modelling Horizontal Vessel
Modelling Vertical Vessel
Restrained and Unrestrained Zones
Roller Support
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User Interface

User Interface
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Piping Model

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Pipe Objects
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Reducer Objects
Expansion Joint Objects
Restraint Objects
Static and Rotating Equipment Objects
Flaw Objects

External Interfaces

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Autodesk REVIT
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Import from AutoCAD
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Tips and Tricks

Dockable Result Tables
How to Copy Table to EXCEL
Copy Data from the Model into START-Elements
How to restore the backup file
Filtering and Sorting Data in Tables