USB Dongle Update

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A USB dongle update must be done:

To active the key, fill out the registration card included in the installation kit and send it to PSRE Co. by email ( or fax (+7(495)368-5065). You must include the USB request code obtained by running "Dongle update". You will received at update code from PSRE Co., which can be used to activate the key.

"Dongle update" should be run on the computer where the USB key is plugged in. First ensure that no other PSRE Co. USB keys are plugged in this computer. By default, "Dongle update" can be accessed from Start > All Programs > START-PROF > Update dongle.

You must send the Request code to PSRE Co. in order to activate the key. The request code can be saved in a file that you can send by email by pressing Save. The request code changes every time the program is opened, but this does not affect activation.

After receiving the request code, PSRE Co. will send you the Update code. This code can be copied into the corresponding field in the USB update dialog window or can be loaded from the file sent to you by pressing Open. After entering the update code, press Update. You should receive a message that the USB key has been updated successfully.

Once the USB key is activated, it can be used on other computers without needing to activate it again.