START-PROF Buried Pipeline Analysis

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START-PROF underground piping analysis abilities:

Buried (underground) pipeline stress analysis

Polyurethane (PUR) Insulation Stress Analysis according to EN 13941, EN 253, GOST 55596, CJJ/T 81. Stresses in insulation are printed in insulation stress report

Interaction between the pipeline and surrounding soil are applicable for horizontal, vertical and inclined pipes, pipes with variable laying depth
Soil properties are stored in the soil database

Ring bending stress Calculation

For submerged buried piping in liquefied soil with ballasting weights

Taking into account soil subsidence, frost heaving, landslide, seismic fault crossing

Take into account stiffness of the PUR-insulation layer and expansion cushions

Taking into account the natural arch of collapse phenomena. Applicable for trenchless laying method and for horizontal directional drilling method

Pipe strength against the surface load

Seismic Wave Propagation Analysis

Applicable for dry or liquefied soil, modelling the buoyancy