Output 3D view

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This 3D is intended for output analysis (piping deformation, stress, etc.).

Piping Deformed Shape

To control the deformed shape, use the deformed shape display toolbar:

Four types of deformed views in different states can be displayed:

Scale can be changed from 1:1 to 1:100 using a sliding bar . An animation displaying the transformation between installation, work and cold states can be switched on and off.

Displacement Values

When a point along the piping axis is selected, the displacements floating window will show displacement values and rotation angles around global or local coordinate axes.

Stress Color Diagram

To control the stress diagram, use the stress display toolbar:


The ratio of maximum to allowable stress in piping elements is displayed graphically for visual analysis. Results are shown for selected operation mode. To see maximum values from all operation modes, press "max" button. When expansion stress range button is pressed, you need to select the operation mode with which the stress range should be calculated.

Four colors are used to display segments, branches and tees:

Stress Values

To see the stress values, double-click the desired segment or piping element.

Menu Access

Output > Output 3D view