Flange Leak Resistance Check

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Flange leak resistance is calculated based on  GOST 32388-2013 (appendix B). In addition to external and internal pressure, flanges are affected by axial force and bending moment, the values of which are determined by the analysis of the overall stress-deformed piping (for example, using Start-Base). These values are considered in pressure analysis for flange selection.

Input Data



Gasket external diameter


Gasket internal diameter


Gasket cross-section

Gasket type: flat, oval or pentagon

Bending moment

Bending moment  M acting on the flange. Can be calculated with Start-Base.


Мх, Му - bending moments acting in perpendicular planes crossing the pipe axis

Axial force

Axial force acting on the flange ("+" during expansion and "-" during compression). Can be calculated with Start-Base.

Operation temperature, Тwork

Operation temperature. More...

Operation pressure, P

Operation pressure. More...

Steel grade

Pipe material from the materials database


Analysis produces a pressure value, for which a flange should be selected

Menu Access

Flange > Leak resistance Check