Expansion Joints Database

This database section contains properties of various types of expansion joints

Expansion joints can be automatically selected by manufacturer, diameter, pressure and product type.

To sort, select the desired filter from the first line of any database column.

To add compensators into database, the special Excel file should be prepared and filled with data. After that this file can be imported into database. Also expansion joint manufacturers may contact us.





The company - manufacturer of the expansion joint


Expansion joint code


Expansion joint description

Nominal diameter

Pipe nominal diameter

Friction force

Friction force for slip joint


Expansion joint's linear, angular or lateral flexibility

Thrust area

Axial expansion joint thrust area. Used for thrust force analysis. Set as 0 for pressure balanced expansion joints

Allowable axial compression,

allowable rotation angle,

allowable lateral movement

Allowable axial compression Dk/2 is equal to half of allowable axial expansion of the expansion joint Dk. Allowable rotation angle and lateral movement are for angular and lateral expansion joints

To export the database to rtf, press "Export". To print, press "print".

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