Valves are modeled as rigid rods with L length and P weight (fig. 1b). When a valve with L length is inserted into node A, START-PROF automatically inserts two additional hidden nodes, B and C. The rigid element with uniform weight q=P/L is inserted instead of pipe. The pipe part weight that covered by valve is removed. Fluid weight used the same as on the connected pipes. Insulation weight is taken from the connected pipe multiplied by 1.75. Fluid weight, insulation, snow, ice, wind, and user defined uniform loads are got from two connected pipes, for left half of valve from left pipe and for right half of valve from right pipe.

Flange leakage check can be done for flanges.

1 - rigid element

Fig. 1. Valve model


Property Description


Element name. If checked then it shown in 3D view


Length of valve. May include the length of the counter flanges (distance between pipe ends)


Valve weight. May include the weight of the counter flanges, not including insulation and fluid. A nominal weight should be used, not considering the load safety factors

Flange leakage check

Flange leakage check will be done if this option is selected. See flange parameters

Menu and Toolbar Access

To insert an element, select the desired node and use: Insert > Insert Valve

or press the toolbar icon.

To view properties of an existing element: