3D View

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3D View display a 3D representation of the piping model.

Tool Panels

To control the model's display (angle, zoom, etc.), use the View Settings toolbar

To switch the display of piping elements on and off (show / hide), use the Additional View Settings toolbar:

To edit the piping model, use the Edit toolbar:

To view the properties of a piping element, select the element in the graphic view and click the button in the toolbar, or simply double-click the desired element in the graphic view.

To insert piping elements, use the Insert toolbar:

See also Mouse functions.

Piping Connectivity Check

A connectivity  check is performed automatically every time the 3D View is initiated, as well as after changes are made to the piping model's structure.

Editing the 3D View Properties

To change the 3D View properties, use the 3D view properties option or: View > Graphic Options > Graphics Settings

Context Menu

For quick access to an element's options menu, right-click the desired element in the 3D view:

To bring up the general View options and Piping model options, right click an empty space in the 3D view:

Menu Access

View > Graphic Options

Disconnected segments

To view/edit display options for disconnected segments, select: View > Graphic Options  > Visualization of Segments

Place a check mark next to elements that you wish to display.

Individual segments can also be selected in the Segment options tree.

Toolbar Access