Rigid Rod Hanger and Stand

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Vertical rigid rod hangers restrain downward displacement, but are disabled with upward displacement. When a hanger is displaced from the vertical position, force projections on the horizontal plane are created in the hanger and they seem to return it to the initial vertical position.


For rigid stand force seem to push stand away. To model rigid stand the length should be negative.

Rigid rod hangers are modeled with one vertical linear single-directional restraint and two fictitious horizontal restraints. See "custom restraints"





Element name. If checked then it shown in 3D view

Rod/Stand length, H

Rod length is necessary for calculating fictitious restraint reactions. See "custom restraints"

If length is zero then additional forces created by rod displacement from the vertical position are not taken into account.

If length is positive then rigid rod hanger is modeled

If length is negative then rigid stand is modeled

Check allowable loads

START-PROF automatically checks allowable load values against analysis results. If allowable values are exceeded, the corresponding warning is displayed

Loads in local axes

If not checked, allowable loads are set for global coordinate axes;  if checked, they are for local axes  of the adjoining element


Allowable load values for the X,Y and Z axes, respectively

Menu and Toolbar Access

To insert an element, select the desired node and use: Insert > Insert Restraint > Rigid Rod Hanger

or press the toolbar icon.

To view properties of an existing element: