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08 February 2023

PASS Team Announces Release of PASS/START-PROF 4.86

PASS Team is pleased to announce that a new version of PASS/START-PROF, comprehensive piping stress analysis software, is released. The new software version contains numerous enhancements aimed to make it the perfect tool for process, piping and mechanical engineers of all levels of experience.

The most important changes of PASS/START-PROF 4.86 version are:

  1. Codes and standards:
    1. PASS/START-PROF now supports latest versions of the following codes and standards: ASME B31.1-2022, ASME B31.8-2020, ASME B31.9-2020, EN 13480-3:2017+A1:2021, SP 36.13330.2012, ASME B16.9-2018, ASME B36.19-2022, ASME B36.10-2022.
    2. Latest versions of wind, snow, and ice load codes have been implemented: ASCE 7-22 (USA), IS.875.3.2015 (India), AS-NZS.1170.2:2021 (Australia/New Zeland), NBC 2020 (Canada), CFE 2020 (Mexico), GB 50135-2019 (China), SP 20.13330.2016 addenda 3, Dubai wind code 2013.
    3. Added seismic codes: ASCE 7-22 (USA), IBC, NSR-10 (Colombia), KBC 2016 (South Korea), UBC 1997, NBC 2020 (Canada), CFE 2015 (Mexico), EUROCODE 8 EN 1998-1 (2013), IS 1893:2016 (India), AS/NZS 1170.4-2007 Amendment 1,2 (Australia), Seismic Code for Dubai 2013, GB 50011-2016 (China).
  2. Integration capabilities:
    1. Import from CAESAR II has been significantly improved.
    2. Added brand new import function from MS Excel. The function allows to import pipeline geometry from a MS Excel spreadsheet created using one of several special templates.
    3. PASS/START-PROF is now directly integrated with PASS/NOZZLE-FEM software. Stress intensification factors for all tees, bends, trunnions on the bend, trunnions on the pipe can be automatically calculated using finite element method (FEA) on-the-fly. Vessel nozzle and tank nozzle stiffness, allowable loads and stresses can be calculated using FEA on-the-fly automatically as well.
    4. Added import from Autodesk Civil 3D.
    5. Added export into LICAD.
    6. Added export of support loads into CSV file.
    7. Added the new MS Word report generator. It has a title page, contents, and is generated automatically based on templates that can be customized. You can insert a logo of your company, change font, layout, etc.
  3. New modeling features:
    1. Internal restraints are added to allow modeling connections between model elements, taking into account the friction, single-directional restraints, and gaps. It allows, for example, to model the pipe connection to column, and connection to skid, ramp, etc.
    2. Added a new object Beam, two-node element, that allows to model a steel or concrete structure when working in the same model with pipes.
    3. Added new other objects: Flexible Element, two-node element, that allows to model the bellows or flexible hose; Cone, Single flange, Axial coupling, Trunnion on the Bend, Trunnion on the Pipe.
    4. Added multiple databases: Flange Database, Single Flange Database, Gasket Database, Valve Database, Beam Section database.
    5. Added the latest catalogue data for expansion joints manufactured by Belman, Witzenmann, HKS Group, HTLY北京航天凌云 into the expansion joint database.
  4. Other important improvements:
    1. PASS/START-PROF 4.86 now supports Spanish language.
    2. PASS/START-PROF now supports Windows 11.
    3. Added automatic update feature.

Visit Knowledge Base to learn more about PASS/START-PROF 4.86 capabilities!

All users with active Maintenance Support are recommended to download the new software version.

For users of PASS/START-PROF 4.85 version with expired Maintenance Support, we recommend to download and install 4.85 R7 release.